Our Advantages
  • Local team, hi-tech project database, technology assessment, sustainability, active management, connections and experiences
  • Professional and reliable local team: we rely on our Australian local team in various industries to source, assess and manage investment projects;
  • A rich hi-tech project database: We can source many hi-tech projects which have Intellectual Property based on our relationship with Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, a number of research centers and patent management companies.
  • Experience: the average working experience of the team is 30 years
  • Active management: There are many causes of failure to turning innovations into profitable businesses. We are among a few investment management companies in the world being able to ACTIVELY manage hi-tech companies, instead of making passive investment. Compared to traditional investors who would take a non-executive director and being updated about the company’s progress each quarter, we will embed Senior project managers will be embedded Sales Directors to investees to be in charge of the sales and profitability of the project companies. Innovation should also be market / sales – oriented.
  • 专业诚信的本地团队:汇聚澳洲本地各个领域的专业人士来搜集、分析和管理投资项目;
  • 强大的高科技项目库:凭借和澳洲科技部、各大研发机构以及专利管理公司的合作关系获取大量拥有知识产权的高科技项目;
  • 团队的人才经验丰富:团队平均从业经验达到30年;
  • 积极管理:很多科技创新由于各种原因最终无法实现市场成功(盈利),我们是全球为数不多的有能力对高科技企业实行积极管理(而非被动投资)的企业,派驻的项目经理将主要负责提升这些科技企业的销售收入和盈利(而非传统的简单的财务管理)。科技创新也要以市场为导向!